Call Reminder Notes 5.0.9


Use Call Reminder Notes to organize your Call activities, create Google Tasks..

Create and assign a Reminder Note to one or more of your Contacts. The Reminder Note will appear on the screen during incoming or outgoing calls for the Contact.

Did it happen to you that you wanted to mention something to a friend or a business partner and the moment was not opportune, you were busy, you couldn’t reach that person?
Did it happen to you that after calling someone you remembered there was something else you wanted to mention?

Call Reminder Notes will display a Reminder Note during the call, allowing you to access relevant information at the right moment, when you actually speak over the phone with that person.

Now the updated version includes a PRO features pack that, when turned ON, gives you 3 different options to effectively organize your after call activity:
- Assign a Reminder Note (even if phone number is not in your Phone Book)
- Create Calendar Event (on default Phone Calendar)
- Create Google Task (directly on Google Account).

Call Reminder Notes with PRO features pack helps busy professionals organize multiple calls and tasks.
The application is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese and Chinese Traditional.

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